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Silencing Critics in the Age of America’s First Tweeter-in-Chief

Where Social Media Meets the First Amendment

By Elliot Ostrove and Yale Leber

(excerpt from the article below)

It is hardly a shock that America’s first Twitter presidency has encouraged members of Congress, governors, state representatives, and countless local and municipal public officials around the country to create an ‘official’ presence on popular social media platforms.

Most public officials who have claimed a ‘Facebook profile’ or ‘Twitter handle’ find social media provides one of the most effective mechanisms to broadcast their proposals and agendas. The changes have been equally as groundbreaking for citizens who are constantly in search of a fast, free, and direct way to petition their grievances to their accountable representatives on Capitol Hill, in the state house, or at the local town hall. For good or for ill, the acceleration of political discourse onto platforms like Facebook and Twitter is likely a trend that will continue for the foreseeable future. Read more.

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