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Business Disputes

Business disputes arise regardless of the form of the business entity, – corporations, limited liability companies (LLC), or partnerships. While each dispute is unique, the lawyers of Epstein Ostrove have the experience to approach each problem in a cost-effective and efficient manner.

Common Business Disputes

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Breach of Contract

Businesses and business people form relationships through contracts. Whether oral or written, a contract establishes the rights and obligations of the parties, including, business co-owners, investors, suppliers, service providers, and customers. Whatever the type of contract, disputes between the parties happen. A breach of contract action usually involves a claim that a party has not fulfilled its obligations under the contract or that one party has been deprived of their rights because of the actions of another. Our team of experienced commercial litigators understand that business relationships are unique. We approach each dispute with its uniqueness in mind and, develop and implement creative and practical approaches to resolving such disputes.

Business Divorce When business owners no longer get along and are unable to work together the business and its customers are affected. The attorneys at Epstein Ostrove understand the complexities of breaking up a business, while still ensuring that the business and its assets are preserved. Whether brought in at the litigation stage, negotiating a mutually acceptable separation, or advising one or more of the owners on their options, the attorneys at Epstein Ostrove provide a comprehensive advice and guidance to assist its clients in achieving smooth transitions as their businesses experience changes..

Minority Shareholder or Member Oppression Minority owners (i.e. those who own less than 50% of the company) can find themselves being frozen out of decision making or not fully included in the decision. Minority shareholder or member oppression is common in closely held corporations. Legal protections for minority owners vary by state. Our attorneys work with clients to develop the best strategy for protecting their interests and ensuring a fair and just resolution..

Intellectual Property Disputes Disputes arise concerning trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets or other types of intellectual property. Our lawyers have extensive litigation experience handling such disputes and understand the client’s goal is to protect the goodwill and brand value they have worked to develop. We employ cost effective and efficient strategies in protecting trademarks, trade secrets, and in defending clients against claims of infringement. .

Consumer Fraud Actions Consumers – whether individuals or businesses - are afforded protection by state and federal laws from unfair and untruthful business practices. Consumer fraud laws also regulate the way that businesses may advertise, promote, and sell their products and/or services. Our attorneys have experience representing businesses and individuals who may have been victims and have successfully defended businesses against such claims.

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Business disputes can be complex, time consuming, expensive and emotionally draining. Epstein Ostrove’s team of commercial litigators guide businesses and business owners every step of the way, aggressively pursuing their objectives while, at the same time, looking to minimize the burdens that litigation can impose.

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