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E-Discovery and Information Management

Epstein Ostrove’s dedicated e-discovery team helps clients address the challenges of electronic discovery. We strive to provide cost-effective strategies and solutions, from information management to production and trial.

We recognize that clients and businesses do not have the internal resources to assist with information management, preservation issues, and electronic discovery. Whether due to budget concerns, affordability, or unfamiliarity, many clients may not have the expertise or time to effectively address the increasing complexity of electronic discovery. We strive to fill the gap by offering client’s practical and cost-effective solutions.

The Team

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Our dedicated e-discovery team consists of attorneys with in-depth experience as to e-discovery and other technology professionals. The team includes both in house and external Certified Electronic Discovery Specialists (CEDS), certification process from ACEDS that requires a rigorous peer reviewed examination in information technology. Our attorneys work with a dedicated project manager and other technology professionals, and utilize a broad range of industry standard technologies, including Relativity, Brainspace, and other tools.

Our attorneys have a strong understanding of e-discovery and effectively use their technology skills to achieve better resolutions of disputes. As commercial litigators, we focus, not just on the technical document collection and review, but also on the use of technology to achieve our litigation objectives. Our focus has served us well and permitted us to transition smoothly and better understand the remote litigation landscape.

Manage and Conduct Complex Document Reviews

Our attorneys have been involved with all aspects of e-discovery, including management of large-scale e-discovery matters, negotiation of non-party subpoenas, appearing before special discovery masters, and effectively utilizing or defending discovery motions focused on e-discovery.

We develop best practices and defensible methodologies to identify, preserve and collect electronically stored information (ESI), assist with negotiating and drafting ESI Protocols, and apply a pragmatic approach to processing and reviewing ESI, including leveraging technology to improve efficiency.

We coordinate electronic and paper record collection and manage large and small-scale document review projects in numerous complex litigations and commercial matters.

In addition to being skilled commercial litigators, our attorneys are familiar with vendor tools, enabling our team to proactively design the most effective approach to hosting and staffing each project.

Design Practical Preservation Solutions We strive to develop proportionate document preservation plans with the aim to rein in the high costs associated with excessive preservation while meeting the clients’ legal obligations in a cost-effective and defensible manner.

Use Technology for More Efficient Results

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Our team leverages technologically advanced e-discovery platforms to develop innovative solutions to the high costs of document review and production. Our team has implemented tools and strategies to successfully improve upon the pace of document review.

Our emphasis on core principles of project management mean that cost and quality control are consistently monitored and evaluated in order to ensure that our project plans are executed successfully and improved upon throughout the life cycle of each project.

"Epstein Ostrove is a team you can trust to help you through the hardest of times. Their support, empathy and patience in addition to their vast knowledge and due diligence makes them the team you want to have supporting you through any legal situation. You can be confident you are getting the best guidance from them...and nothing beats the tranquility of knowing you are represented by the best."

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