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Real Estate Litigation

Epstein Ostrove’s Real Estate Litigation Team has decades of experience representing buyers, sellers, owners, and interest-holders in court, mediation, or in arbitration proceedings. Our team of real estate litigators will protect your interests, advocating for the best possible outcome.

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Disputes regarding the purchase, sale, and rights to real estate arise in a variety of contexts:

Purchase and Sale Contracts – Clients may be faced with a situation where the Purchaser or Seller tries to cancel a real estate contract. Our team is well-equipped to handle the resulting litigation, whether to enforce the seller’s rights through an action for specific performance or the purchaser’s rights to terminate the contract.

Title Disputes/Defects – A title dispute typically arises when there is a dispute regarding the rights, title, or interest in a parcel of real property. Through relationships with national title insurance companies, and their insured lenders and property owners, Epstein Ostrove has handled matters typically covered by title insurance such as priority lien disputes, easement and property boundary disputes, mortgage fraud schemes, as well as claims related to fraudulent conveyance.

Easements/Boundary Disputes - Easements present complex issues for property owners and those who need the right of way. An easement is a legal right to use a piece of property without being the property owner. Our attorneys understand the importance and value of such rights and are able to protect our client’s property values and interests.

Tenancy Disputes - The terms of a lease can be subject to a dispute if one or more of the Parties fails to perform its obligations or violates the rights of the other under the lease. In addition to guiding both landlord and tenants through commercial lease transactions, we have extensive experience representing landlords and tenants in disputes regarding commercial leases. Our team employs various creative strategies whether negotiating and/or litigating to resolve such disputes and obtain the best outcome for our clients.

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